User Settings & Logs

User Setting and Logs tab allow users to change the preferred Console Environment. From the language setting, SSH keypair management, editing user config script, and even to using Beta Features are available by just a few clicks of each button. Every message from server will be logged in Logs. You can see how the miscellaneous error occurred in the Logs tab.

Language Setting

Click Language Dropdown to check supported languages.


Currently, only Korean and English are supported.

Change SSH Keypair

If you are using the GUI console app, you can create SSH/SFTP connection directly to the container. You can query or create a SSH keypair, which is used for SSH/SFTP connection. Clicking the button next to the SSH keypair Management in Preferences panel brings up a dialog. Current public key is displayed, if exists, and new public key and private key can be created by clicking GENERATE button. This will generate a new SSH keypair and save it into the database.

Change password dialog


The web-based console does not yet support SSH/SFTP connections.


Backend.AI uses SSH keypair based on OpenSSH. On Windows, you may convert this into PPK key.

Edit Shell Environment

Existing shell scripts can be applied to new sessions. You can copy the shell script and save it to your favorite shell script run command. Shell editing feature also supports setting .Renviron file used in the R language.

Edit Shell Environment dialog


Only .zshrc, .bashrc and .Renviron are editable for now.